How can Electricians Earn Themselves a Five-Star Review? 

At ERF Electrical we wanted to know what makes a customer give an electrical installer a five-star review.

The answer? One in five customers give top marks to those that clean up after themselves. We analysed 1,000 five-star Checkatrade reviews across 10 major cities, with our research showing that electricians and electrical contractors are most likely to receive an ‘excellent’ five star review for being tidy, professional, punctual, friendly and courteous. 

Interestingly, those living in Bristol value cleanliness above anything else, while residents in Liverpool, Glasgow and Leeds praise good time management. In Liverpool, punctuality was mentioned in 25% of top reviews.

The highest-ranked qualities, according to the percentage of reviews they appeared in, were:

  1. Tidy/clean (21%)
  2. Professional (20%)
  3. Polite/courteous (20%)
  4. On-time (18%)
  5. Friendly (16%)
  6. Reliable (10%)
  7. Efficient (10%)
  8. Helpful (7%)

The research also reveals that Leicester residents are most likely than anywhere else to praise those with good manners, with one in five (22%) of reviews mentioning the friendliness of an electrician.

The highest-ranked qualities, according to city, were: 

  1. Bristol – tidy, professional, efficient, reliable, friendly
  2. Birminghamprofessional, tidy, polite, reliable, friendly
  3. Edinburgh – professional, reliable, tidy, friendly, on-time
  4. Glasgow – on-time, professional, efficient, tidy, friendly
  5. Leeds – on-time, professional, friendly, tidy, polite
  6. Leicesterfriendly, professional, on-time, tidy, helpful
  7. Liverpool – on-time, professional, polite, tidy, friendly
  8. London – professional, friendly, polite, reliable, helpful
  9. Nottinghamprofessional, polite, on-time, tidy, courteous
  10.  Sheffield – professional, friendly, polite, efficient, tidy

Tidiness and friendliness were mentioned among the top qualities in nine of the ten cities we looked at. Other five-star reviews gave credit to knowledgable, trustworthy and respectful electricians. 

Four ways you can boost customer satisfaction

Here are a few ways you can increase your chances of getting an excellent rating:


Ask for feedback

It might sound obvious, but how do you know what you’re doing well, or not doing so well, if you don’t ask? Sending out customer satisfaction surveys are a great way to identify any areas of improvement and track progress over time. It also shows customers that you take your customer service very seriously, with an opportunity to ask those who were most impressed to provide a review or testimonial to your site.


Provide a personal service 

People like to be treated as individuals. Personalise your emails and requests for quotes, or even better pick up the phone and get to know your customers. If you own an electrical company, it may also be worth considering if you can implement a system whereby an electrician is assigned to a customer, so that they can get the same person each time. This helps build better personal relationships.


Reward loyalty

Is there a loyalty scheme you can implement to encourage repeat business and thank your returning customers? It could be something as simple as sending them a card at Christmas, or giving them a little discount off their bill.


Think technology

Providing a good service doesn’t just happen on the job – customers will begin to form an impression from the moment they visit your website, or pick up the phone. People want a quick response, which is why so many businesses have turned to AI for help (think chatbots!). While we will always value a more personal service, chatbots can provide answers to your most frequently asked questions, or point someone in the direction of where they can find the information they require, for example.