BG Consumer Units and RCBO Deal

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BG Main Switch Consumer Units Price (ex VAT)
9 Module 7 Way with 100A Switch £19
12 Module 10 Way with 100A Switch £20.50
16 Module 14 Way with 100A Switch £23
Wiring Kit
C/W Live, Neutral & Earth Wires, Busbar & Shroud 1 X SPD 1 X 32A MCB £32
Compact RCBO, Type A, B Curve, ALL Ampages £11
BG Fully Loaded Boards Price (ex VAT)
5 Way Deal
CFUSW07-01 Board + SPD Kit + 5 RCBO’s £106
8 Way Deal
CFUSW10-01 Board + SPD Kit + 6 RCBO’s £118.50
12 Way Deal
CFUSW14-01 Board + SPD Kit + 7 RCBO’s £132

We also have tail kit packs and flexible tails


 Board info:

Main Switch Incomer


All metal unit, manufactured from stainless steel

Bottom hinged visor

White gloss finish

M20 & M32 knockouts on top, bottom and side

Lockable cover also available

Integrated spirit level

Compliant with 18th Edition

Glands also available


The BG boards, RCBOs and SPD kits are available in all ERF branches, at all times.

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