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How JCC is Changing the Lighting Solutions Industry

JCC recently unveiled Toughbay, its industrial level LED fittings, and at the same time the company also launched their very first multifunction sensor, and together these lighting solutions will provide savings of up to 50% when compared to traditional fluorescent and metal halide fittings.

State of the Art LED Technology

JCC, and its parent company Leviton, have developed new LED based technologies to provide superior performance for commercial and domestic use. The problem with typical industrial fittings is they are not suitable for controls, where as LED is designed exactly for that. Another issue with metal halide lamps is they need a cooling down period of at least 15 minutes after switch off, rendering them useless with occupancy sensors that save energy.

Fluorescent lamps can be turned on and off, but that repeated action will reduce its lifespan by up to 75%, making it expensive. JCC LED on the other hand, doesn’t suffer from these problems and can be used with microwave sensing to cut down energy consumption even more.

Dependable Products

The standard JCC LED solutions reduce power and energy usage by a significant amount, but the Leviton Multifunction Sensor does even better. The Sensor is 1-10V dimmable so if you want to use dimmable now or sometime in the future you can do so. This is true not just for the Leviton Sensor but the manufacturer’s other products too.


Lastly, JCC has established a reputation for being innovative, and through the years the company has made an effort to integrate energy savings into each of their products. Other companies try to cram as many features as possible in their products, raising the cost in the process. JCC on the other hand, is focused on the essentials and ensures you get what you want, namely an affordable and reliable lighting solution.

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