Five Resources all Trainee and Apprentice Electricians Should Know About 

It’s the summer holidays and many bright-eyed and bushy-tailed school leavers will be searching for an apprenticeship as they look to kick-start their career in the electrical industry. The demand for trainee schemes and apprenticeships has never been so high, making it quite the challenge for tradespeople to sift through piles of applications and pick out the next best electrician to train.

To help budding electricians learn more about the trade and stand out amongst the crowd, we have pulled together a handy guide full of the most insightful and informative resources the industry has to offer!


Electrodoc app

Physical textbooks are now a thing of the past for trainees and apprentices. Now, to find key information about the trade, it’s only a quick tap away. Electrodoc (otherwise known as the portable bible for electricians) is available to download on iOS and android devices. The app is the perfect tool for making complex topics easy to understand, from the Ohm’s law calculator to the voltage divider, this app will give young adults a (valid) excuse for being glued to their phones!

The Electrodoc app caters for all abilities and enables people to learn in a range of different ways; from searching around a problem on the spot to learning about a core topic in more detail, it’s one of the best “toolkits” any aspiring electrician could bring to work – you might even teach the boss a thing or two!


Talk Electrician’s forum

Talk Electrician’s forum (TEF) is an online community bursting with over 30,000 fellow sparkys. The sheer number of working professionals in the forum makes it one of the best places to go for advice, information or help on anything related to the trade. Aside from all the technical stuff, TEF is known for the friendliness of its members, so even if you wanted a chat or a bit of a laugh, there’s always someone available.

There is a list of forums with different threads to read through and get involved in. For example, the ‘Question & Answer Board’ is a popular thread with as many as 129,309 posts on it… so never be too scared to ask a question! There are other forums that touch on industry news and updates, job openings and posts specifically for apprentices, as well as resources to aid learning, and a jokes thread – full of cheesy one-liners. 


Electricians on YouTube

As well as apps and forums, there is a space on YouTube that electricians are proudly filling. The videos are easy to find online and visual in nature, which makes YouTube an ideal platform for learning, especially for the more technical parts of the trade that require a bit of practice. 

GSH Electrical is the perfect place for apprentices to gain a useful (and professional) overview of the electrical world. With an impressive following of 69.6K subscribers, the channel aims to promote best practices in testing and installation. There are practical demonstrations which help to support learning for beginners, as well as offering handy advice from a fully-qualified college tutor. 

N Bundy Electrical is a fun YouTube account to watch, with day-in-the-life (of an electrician) videos that are both entertaining and educational. It’s run by self-employed electrician, Nick Bundy, who takes his followers along for the highs (and lows!) of the job, with videos on dealing with customers that refuse to pay, to reviewing the top electrical tools, and how to move a fuse board. This series is brilliant for those who want a bit of a laugh, whilst learning about the necessary skills that are required to get the job done properly. 

Electrician-come-YouTuber, John Ward is one to watch! With a slightly more formal tone to his channel, JW prides himself on putting electrical theories to the test, and showing off different experiments and demonstrations with his weekly videos.


#sparky TikTok

Electricians aren’t ignoring the TikTok craze at the moment either. The social media platform isn’t only for dance routines and strange trends, but it is now one of the best platforms for learning too. It’s pretty easy for any layperson to create and upload the short clips, and electricians are getting creative too by sharing tips about their trade and networking (and jumping on the odd trend too!). 

#sparky is followed by 390 million people on TikTok, so it’s a hashtag that’s well worth the extra screen time. This hashtag on TikTok makes learning a bit more engaging, with a range of insightful clips to funny moments that have been documented by electricians all over the globe. 

Kimmy The Sparks on TikTok is worthy of a special mention, uploading upbeat, witty videos of her working day. Kimmy’s content is full of electrical tips and tricks, but also breaks down any misconceptions about female electricians.


The Electrical Show Podcast

Podcasts are an up and coming way for people to talk on any given topic. For those who struggle to sit down and focus on information, podcasts are a great way to learn about something new – without having to concentrate too hard on what’s being said.

One podcast to play on the way to work is The Electrical Show. Every Friday lunchtime without fail, Thomas Nagy chats about the latest, most exciting topics in the electrical industry. The podcast is available to listen to on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, and each episode is relatively short, lasting around 20 minutes. 

Thomas mixes up each episode by inviting different guests in the industry to speak; interacting with comments from his audience and sparking debates. The Electrical Show hands out advice directly for junior electricians, touching on the problems with short courses and tips for packing a toolkit – helping young starters find their feet, episode by episode.