Lucky Sparky Wins his Weight in Chocolate

As you may have seen, we were recently ran a competition to ‘win your weight in chocolate.’ On Tuesday, a lucky winner was selected at random from over 550+ entries, to win his or her weight in the delicious dairy goodness.

Our lucky winner was William Aston, who is a self-employed Electrician from Shrewsbury, trading as WA Electrical.

On finding out he had won, Will said:

‘I am still navigating being new to using social media for my business and didn’t realise that following electrical accounts on Instagram would mean me ending up with so much chocolate! It was a nice surprise.

It’s great of ERF to offer a fun competition and getting the call brightened my day. Andy taking the time to deliver it himself was very much appreciated.

I have received jokes about being sure to turn up on site with chocolate and am hoping that the banter about changing  my name from Will to Willy Wonka doesn’t stick!

Winning has provided some light hearted moments during an uncertain time for small Limited Companies like mine.

I have shared some chocolate with family and other small businesses, as well as making short work of a box of heroes myself!  Regardless of what I decide to do with the rest, a donation will definitely go to the local food bank. ‘

Our very own Managing Director, Andy Laycock, had the special job of delivering the mountain of chocolate to Will and commented:

‘It was a real pleasure to make the call to Will and deliver the good news that he had been chosen as our lucky winner. It was even better to turn up in the ERF truck and reveal the 80kg of chocolate treats that he had won. We hope he enjoys the chocolate and we hear that he plans to keep some for himself but also give some away, which we think is very charitable.’

Will is very kindly choosing to donate some of the chocolate to the local Shrewsbury Food Bank, Barnaba’s Community Projects.

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