New Damson Twist At ERF Electrical Cannock


New Damson twist now available at ERF Electrical Cannock!

The Damson Twist bluetooth speaker delivers an unbelievable sound for something so small.

Perfect for listening to music, watching a film or even use it for a presentation or a conference call, you can stream audio to it with any device capable of Bluetooth with A2DP which means almost every modern smartphone, tablet and many laptops. You can even use a 3.5mm audio cable (provided) to connect it to the headphone jack on your device.

Incisor diffusion technology, which pushes the sound across almost any surface it is rested upon, can easily fill most rooms in houses and hotel rooms. The speaker features an incredibly stylish British design with sleek lines and a solid aluminium casing. The rubberised base keeps it solid on even the slickest of surfaces, the Twist will look at home on your work desk, vehicle dashboard or even just as an inconspicuous ornament on a shelf.

There are no buttons on the Twist, to operate you just Twist to either the Bluetooth or Line in settings. Another nice feature of the Twist is the logo that will glow either blue or white to reflect what method of input you are using.

Ring ERF Electrical Cannock on 01543 570500 for more details about the new Damson Twist!.