ERF Essentials

Essentials – Electrical Products

What are Essentials?

The Essentials products are a range of over 1300 electrical supplies items, which the electrical installer will use for installations on a day to day basis. It is the electrical installers  list of ‘essentials’ which are grouped for ease of access in the ERF Essentials catalogue.

These items are in stock at every branch across our network, at all times.

All ERF products are available to the trade and the public.


The ERF Essentials catalogue

The product categories in the Essentials catalogue are:

  • LED lighting
  • LED lamps and lighting controls
  • Wiring accessories
  • Circuit protection
  • Water heating and ventilation
  • Fire and security
  • Fire detection
  • Cable and accessories
  • Cable management
  • Tools, fixings and site equipment


We also feature special offers on new and exciting products, as well as great deals on commonly used items.

Download the ERF Essentials catalogue here

What products are on offer?

Essentials is a selection of day to day products for electrical installers covering the 1st and 2nd fix stage of an install as well as site equipment and tools which may be needed to get the job done.

 Our 1st fix products cover items such as screws, raw plugs, drill bits, cavity boxes and cable clips.  

The 2nd fix range covers double sockets and switches, LED luminaires, down lights, PIRs and circuit boards,plus many other items. 

Alongside the products, we also provide a large range of services to our customers. 


Which manufacturers are featured in Essentials?

Essentials contains products from over 30 industry leading manufacturers. 

The manufacturers include: 

  • Aico
  • BG
  • Bendex
  • CP Electronics
  • Dart
  • ESP
  • FCS Elec
  • Greenbrook Electrical
  • Hager
  • Heat Mat
  • Hyco
  • JCC
  • Kewtech
  • Luceco
  • Marshall Tufflex
  • Manrose
  • Megaman
  • National Ventilation
  • Novah
  • SmartSystemsUK
  • Thorn
  • Timeguard
  • Trench Ltd
  • Triton
  • Warner Howard


What is the difference between ERF Essentials and Pro Products?

Our Essentials items are the range of products deemed ‘essential’ for the electrical installer. These are the ones which they need on a regular basis and Essentials was designed to be a handy, quick to use catalogue of all these essential items.

Pro Products are slightly different, as we wanted to offer something towards the other end of the spectrum. We can now offer customers specialist and industry leading products, which may have been harder to get their hands on, with little or no wait times.


What are the benefits of Essentials?


  • All products featured in our Essentials catalogue are stocked in all branches at all times
  • Broad company stock holding
  • All products featured are of the same brand for continuity on your job
  • Well known industry manufacturers featured throughout
  • New to market products regularly added



Where can I buy Essentials?

You can buy Essentials products in all of our branch locations. All products featured in our Essentials are in stock at all times.


Download the Essentials catalogue here