ERF Scratch Card Promotion

Current Top Prize Winners = 2


Each entrant must be aged 16 or over and a UK resident to enter the ERF Scratch Card Promotion (“Promotion”). The following are not eligible to participate: (i) Employees and immediate family members of employees of ERF Electrical Wholesalers Ltd  


Participation in the Promotion is scheduled to take place from 1st October 2018 to 30th November 2018 (inclusive) at ERF Electrical Wholesalers Ltd (Promoter) Business locations in the United Kingdom. These dates may be extended by the Promoter until all stocks of scratch cards and  £1000 wins have been issued and the deadline for prize claims (as described below) may be consequentially extended. Check for details of any changes on the ERF Electrical Wholesalers Ltd web site


You will be given a Scratch card by an employee of the Promoter on every sales order you place that contains £250 or more sales value of Essentials product, this will be the value of the essential products only on the sales order. (This is product which is listed in Issues 38 and 39 of the essentials magazine and a copy of this is available on all trade counters and a copy can be requested via  ) and for the purpose of clarity it will be the sales value on the customers sales invoice that determines whether the sale qualifies for the Promotion.

How to obtain a scratch card: purchase of the qualifying value of essentials product on 1 (one) sales order and requesting a card from a staff member.

Availability of scratch cards : scratch cards have been evenly distributed to all 11 ERF branches and once the cards have been used at each location the promotion will end or by the end date 30th November 2018. For information in regard to the £1000 voucher prize winners throughout the competition and scratch card availability, please go to

£1000 voucher win prizes – (£1000 prize) will state £1000 winner with an identification reference number below

Instant win prizes – (“Instant Win”) will state the product code won and will also state “pack” or “1” of. Instant wins will be 1 of an item or will be a pack of an item.

Important: Please make sure the scratch cards are kept safe and undamaged and the scratch card identification codes are kept private without being revealed to anyone else (other than the Promoter. Failure to do this may result in the Promoter determining (in its discretion) that the scratch card and its codes are void (and the Promoter may take this action irrespective of whether or not there is any evidence to suggest that the failure has resulted or will result in a wrongful prize claim or other action).

Scratch cards from Past Themed Promotions shall not be valid for the purposes of this Promotion.

The Promoter will not process any prizes after 15th December 2018

Distribution of scratch cards for prizes in the Instant Win Game and £1000 win prizes – all scratch cards have been distributed by the Promoter on a random basis amongst participating ERF Branches. Following distribution and at the promotion end time of 1st December 2018, ERF will destroy any scratch cards and make every endeavour to reduce waste to a minimum, these will be destroyed without examination. This will be audited by the Promoters procedures.


Gold Prizes – 3 x £1000 Love2shop vouchers

Silver Prizes – 100 x Essential product instant prizes

Bronze Prizes – 1000 x Essential product instant prizes

Please note:

Before a prize claim for any of the categories of prizes, all prospective winners must first notify their prize claims – see section 5 – “How to Claim”. Notification for verification must be made to the ERF branch of issue before the 15th December 2018

The specific conditions attaching to each prize-type within this category are:

“£1000 worth of Vouchers” for Love2shop Provided by Love2shop– each Voucher for £10 is for use on orders placed on items from 100+ outlets, a list of these outlets can be found at  and they are to be used on or before 23:59 on 31st March 2019. Vouchers can either be used as part payment towards a higher-priced item (if also providing payment of the excess via a valid credit/debit card) or full payment on one or more items purchased in the same transaction the aggregated price of which is equal to or less than the voucher value. If less than the voucher value is used for the transaction then the difference will immediately lapse. The voucher code is only redeemable at any of the stores previously mentioned.

“Silver & Bronze claim prices” will be the item listed on the winning scratch cards in the quantities and per’s.

All instant prizes can be found in additions 38 and 39 of the essentials catalogue for descriptions.

All un-awarded or unclaimed prizes will lapse if not the subject of valid claims and the award of which has been completed within the time limit 15th December 2018 at the latest.

  1. How to claim the “£1000 vouchers” and “instant wins”  

On the customer winning the “£1000 win vouchers”, the customer should produce it at the business that it was received. On receipt of the winning card at the business, the card is to be completed on the back with the details required. The business manager (or designate) will contact the head office with the details of the winning customer and send a scanned a copy of the winning card.

In addition a photo of the customer is to be taken at the business (with customer consent) with the winning card and a member of the ERF team. This Photo will be sent to the head office and to the customer.

Paramount the card is to be retained by the branch and a date arranged (Head office designate /Customer) for the handover of the prize.

The head office designate will meet the customer on the arranged date to present the prize.

“Instant wins” – On the customers winning an instant win, the customer should produce it at the business that it was received. The cards are to be completed on the back by the customer with the details required. Once complete the win item to be given to the customer and the card to be retained by the ERF branch.


To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law (but not otherwise) the Promoter and its agents assume no responsibility and are not liable for: (i) the accuracy or otherwise of the prize description or illustration, (ii) the non-availability, loss, interception or interference with, late or non-receipt, corruption or damage of or to any entry, prize claim, voucher-prize, (iii) (other than those warranties or conditions implied by statute and which cannot be excluded by the Promoter) any representation, warranty, condition or guarantee in respect of a prize, (iv) any taxes, fees, charges or other costs which winners may be required to pay at any time in connection with a prize, (save to the extent that the Promoter has expressly and specifically accepted responsibility in these Rules for the same), or (v) any actual or perceived loss of opportunity or damage arising in connection with the termination or suspension of the Promotion (or any part, feature or element of the Promotion) at any time and which suspension or termination is due to supervening circumstances beyond the Promoter’s control (although the Promoter will still honour any valid claims received prior to the termination or suspension).


The Promoter may (i) extend any time limit, exercise a right of discretion or waive any of the Rules where a person might otherwise have been disqualified or otherwise disadvantaged (without obliging the Promoter to extend any time limit, exercise a right of discretion or waive any Rule on any further occasion for that entrant or at all for any other person), (ii) terminate or suspend the Promotion (or any part, feature or element of the Promotion) at any time due to supervening circumstances beyond the Promoter’s control including (without limit) those which the Promoter determines have or are likely to compromise the security or credibility of the Promotion (or the affected part, feature or element of it), and (iii) substitute a product deemed to be an appropriate replacement and of equal or greater value in the place of any of the prizes (or any part of a prize). The Promoter’s decision in the exercise or interpretation of any of its rights or discretions in connection with these Rules shall be final and binding and reference to the discretion of the Promoter shall mean its sole discretion.


Please see for details of our privacy policy.


A list of the names of prizes which the Promoter considers (in its discretion) to be major in the context of the prize-pool, may be obtained by sending an email to query to  or a signed hand-written request along with a stamped self-addressed envelope (SAE) to ERF Electrical Wholesalers Ltd , Salop Street, Daybrook, Nottingham, NG5 6HD, to the attention of Ashley Smith to arrive before 31st December 2018, following which a list will be sent by email response or within the SAE (as appropriate) within 30 days.